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De la pluie, 2007, Ramsay Chronics revealing the link between the rain and the music, the erotism or the sacralization of the world, this essay is anything but a manual of meteorology.
Philosophical and poetic, this book an apology of the rain.
To achieve this, the author does not hesitate to use weapons of novelist : imagination and magic.
The tone is serious, and constantly nourished by historical, artistic and scientific works, which are likely, if not true.
Martin Page does a resolutely proselyte work : he wants to convert the reader to his passion for precipitation.
When you will know that rain is a « gentle monster », « carries with the genes of childhood » and « allow to fall in love without purpose », you stand up your eyes to watch the clouds.
This praise on the love of rain is as refreshing as sparkling.

Publishing house : Ramsay, 2007.

Translation rights : Romania (Humanitas), Greece (Astrati), Korea (Munidang).

Paperback Rights : Points Seuil.