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Une parfaite journée parfaite, 2002, éditions Mutine Say that is the story of the day of a man whose main occupation is to commit suicide with revolver, hanging, a razor blade, a daily dose of anxiolytics and barbiturates, anti-personnel mines nestled under the tiles of his apartment, electric shock. From sunrise to sunset, at home, in the street, at work, at the funeral of his friends, the fate of a man who could be normal. In fact everything would be fine whether his doctor had announce him that a shark is swimming in his body. Fortunately for him, a Mexican quartet appears regularly, and interprets a song.
This is a hallucinated novel, and at the same time very reasonable. The tone is dry and sarcastic. The writing is full of metaphors that gives to the text a taste of supernatural and poetic reverie. If the world seems absurd, saw by this employee who can not end his days, it is also the place of a kind of freedom, sickly and ironic. For example, the hero cultivates a garden in his apartment, and he spend up to a week’s holiday in his elevator. Nonchalant glance at the novel Harold & Maude and at the movie Groundhog Day, A perfect day is also full of musical references.

Publishing house : éditions Mutine, 2002.

Translation rights : Romania (Humanitas), Korea (Munidang), Greece (Astrati).

Paperback rights : Points Seuil.