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Traité sur les miroirs pour faire apparaître les dragons, Martin Page, L'école des loisirs, 2009

The other day at the library, Martin’s life changed. Marie told him that she loved him. That she wanted to go out with him. Her, Marie, the girl who makes his heart mad. Martin inevitably fell in love. Everything else could be forgotten: a future without hope, the death of his mother, his father’s eccentricities and survival at middle school. Even the party to come for his dog burial could be forgotten. Martin said yes, yes, and yes again. But it only lasted sixty minutes.
Then Martin and Marie became just friends again. Because Marie made a mistake. Because love can’t be explained. Because existence is a dirty, depopulated wasteland. Because Martin’s heart is Swiss cheese with holes full of ghosts and dragons. Because what?
Heartbreak has strange responses to reason and logic. That works out well, because Martin has a whole lot of heart and imagination.

Publishing house : L’école des loisirs, 2009.