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Le club des inadaptés, éditions l'école des loisirs, octobre 2010Martin and his friends suspected that this would happen one day, that one of them would end up being beaten, simply because of his manner of dress or its quirks. It could have fallen on Bakary, so good at maths that he irritates everyone; on Fred, the musician, who dyes his hair green, or even Martin, particularly good at irony. finally, it happened to nicer of them to Erwan, the handyman of the band, whose only crime is to wear a tie and polished shoes.
And it is as if the attack had wounded all the three other friends. In college, they become even more remote.
The least injustice puts their nerves. Anger flowing in them, giving them an incredible energy. They want to do something, but in their own way … always special.

publishing house : L’école des loisirs