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Je suis un tremblement de terre, 2007, L'école des loisirs His portrait was posted all over town. A class picture, with these words: “Warning: Please beware of this individual. He represents a security risk to everyone. This boy is an earthquake.”
It’s true that from time to time there were vibrations, tremors, and fissures in the places he passed by.
And then things got worse.
Now, when he brushed up against objects, they cracked.
The buildings that he was inside of trembled for no apparent reason.
He was putting everyone in danger.
He had to act. See specialists. Take precautionary measures. Drastic measures. It was urgent.

Publishing house : L’école des loisirs, 2009.

Translation rights : Korea (Yolimwon).

Sometimes Martin Page feels like his hero. Making a reality out of this impression allowed him to create an original character and an unusual illness. And to illustrate a conviction that he holds close to his heart: that the power each human holds within him is immense. The one who can destroy everything against his will, will can become capable of understanding, mastering, and creating through patience and perseverance.