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La mauvaise habitude d'être soi (avec Quentin Faucompré), 2010A man, tired of being himself, decides to skip a time to experience the pleasure of being nobody. An another man, after a random blood test, sees his life changed since it was discovered that he was not a true homo sapiens but a specimen endangered. Between Roald Dahl and Dino Buzzati, seven stories, written by Martin Page and illustrated by Quentin Faucompré. Both artists share an imagination full of darkness and humor.

Quentin Faucompré is born in 1979. It has a flexible and feature minimal, his drawings often have a dreamlike quality. A true free spirit, he led front exhibitions, performances, community projects (Army Black Editions Al Dante, 2010), comic books and collections of drawings (published MeMo, the Hammerheads, the Dernier Cri, etc..).

publishing house: Editions de l’Olivier